Several employees of Midwest Environmental Control, Inc. otherwise known as MEC have retained our labor law firm to represent them in a case against Midwest Environmental Control, Inc.

Our investigation has revealed Midwest Environmental Control, Inc.

  1. Failed to properly indicate on paystubs the hourly rate MEC employees were paid
  2. Midwest Environmental Control agreed to put $6.00 an hour into employee pension funds and may have put less than $6.00 into employee pension funds for every hour the employees worked. This is presently being investigated, and we are looking for witnesses on this issue.
  3. Midwest Environmental Control may not have paid the proper prevailing wage rates to their employees.
  4. Midwest Environmental Control did not post the prevailing wage rates on the jobsite

If you were or are an employee of Midwest Environmental Control and believe you were not properly paid prevailing wage rates, never understood your paystubs, or the hourly rate you were paid was not reflected on your paystub, or was the wrong hourly rate we want to speak to you as a witness or potential class member in a putative class action. We can be reached at 1-877-525-0700.

Please be advised this article may be construed as an advertisement or solicitation for clients although we are looking for witnesses and trying to investigate a specific class action and/or multi-employee lawsuit.

We understand Midwest Environmental Control employees worked on many Federal Prevailing Wage jobs. Claims for prevailing wage must be filed with the United States Department of Labor. There is not a private right of action for Federal Prevailing Wages. What this means is all claims for Federal Prevailing Wags must be filed by employees directly with the United States Department of Labor. The United States Department of Labor in West Covina California has indicated they may be willing to take a complaint on behalf of an attorney in this case and/or meet with the attorney representing employees of Midwest Environmental Control. They are interested in seeing employee paystubs and 401k statements.

As to whether you were properly paid state prevailing wages, it is the intention of our labor law firm to file a class action or multi-employee lawsuit concerning state prevailing wages Midwest Environmental Control owes its employees and former employees in California. We, like the Department of Labor in respect to Federal Prevailing Rate jobs, are interested in knowing the contract names and dates employees of Midwest Environmental Control worked on California prevailing wage jobs within the last four years.

Our clients have also asked us to commence a lawsuit in California State Court for California State prevailing wage violations by Midwest Environmental Control. State prevailing wages are owed to employees who work on construction job sites of properties belonging to a city government, county government, or the State of California.

We are aware Midwest Environmental Control did state prevailing wage jobs at San Luis Obispo College, Lompoc Prison, the City of Palm Springs, the City of Barstow, The City of Orange, Santa Barbara College (and possibly the University of California Santa Barbara), the City of Palmdale, California State University Bakersfield, a prison in the Bakersfield area (possibly the Delano prison), the City of Thermal, and a city job in Rosemond. We believe these job sites required Midwest Environmental Control to pay its construction workers prevailing wages, and any violations are subject to California prevailing wage law. If you are aware of additional non-federal prevailing wage jobs Midwest Environmental Control performed in the last four years, we would like to know.

Several of our clients asked Midwest Environmental Control whether certain city jobs were prevailing wage jobs, and were told the jobs were not prevailing wage which appears to be untrue. They were also told it was permissible for Midwest Environmental Control to pay rates far below any prevailing wage rates. All of these issues are what we are investigating.

General contractors Tammy Simmons and Otie did not in actuality require Midwest Environmental Control to post prevailing rates anywhere. Midwest Environmental Control did not distribute prevailing wage rates. The rates for the prevailing wage jobs Midwest Environmental Control employees worked on was not posted at the jobsite. Rarely were any rates of pay reflected on the paystubs of Midwest Environmental Control employees.

We look forward to speaking to you if you are a witness, former employee, present employee of Midwest Environmental Control in California, or have prevailing wages issues or issues about whether your paystubs comply with California law regardless of who you work for. Contact our office at 1-877-525-0700. We maintain offices in Bakersfield, Sherman Oaks, Oxnard, downtown Los Angeles, and Riverside.