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Prevailing Wage Lawyer

This is the downstairs lobby area of our Bakersfield office. Friday was a good day at the Bakersfield office. I retained four truckers in a new prevailing wage case.


Construction workers are owed prevailing wage if they worked onsite. The types of onsite jobs that require the payment of prevailing wage are city, county, and state job sites. Workers on Federal job sites will have to use the United States Department of Labor to recover their unpaid prevailing wages. Lawyers are not allowed to bring lawsuits to recover Federal prevailing wages.

Prevailing wage pay can include fringe benefits. Many employees think they are not being paid prevailing wage because they do not understand that health insurance, vacation, training, and pension contributions count towards prevailing wage pay. Prevailing wage is a complicated subject matter many labor lawyers will not handle. Firm Head, Karl Gerber has given lectures on prevailing wage pay to other attorneys for continuing legal education, and employers tasked with compliance.

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