Suing for sexual harassment requires a quality sexual harassment lawyer and a fact pattern that constitutes sexual harassment. Sexual harassment consists of verbal and physical acts. Technically these verbal or physical acts do not have to relate to sex, but if they do not it is unlikely an attorney will take the sexual harassment case. Besides constituting the type of abuse or work interference that constitutes sexual harassment, the actions must either have been caused by a supervisor or higher level employee, or have continued after the bad acts became known to an employee at least on the supervisor level. This is the easy part about analyzing whether workplace conduct constitutes sexual harassment.


The best sexual harassment lawyer knows how to get a sexually harassed employee through the difficult emotions that follow sexual harassment. This does not mean the sexual harassment attorney will be the client’s therapist. It means the lawyer will handle the sexual harassment lawsuit in a manner whereby the sexual harassment victim can finish the case and obtain justice which is often monetary compensation.

Inexperienced sexual harassment law firms fail to recognize how it feels to sue for sexual harassment. An employee’s sexual harassment lawsuit can neither become their life, nor solely their fight. Sexual harassment victims should hire an experienced sexual harassment law firm in order to fight the fight for them, and fight the fight in a manner that exposes the sexually harassed employee to the least amount of trauma. Put quite simply there is a way to get a victim of sexual harassment in and out of a case without jeopardizing their feelings.

Our sexual harassment law firm has successfully handled some of the hardest sexual harassment lawsuits for young women, older women, and men. We have obtained victories for women raped at work, sexually assaulted at work, and women whose dignity has been challenged through the act of sexual harassment. We have also represented members of the LGIB community who were sexually harassed in unusual, tormenting ways. Finally, we have succeeded in cases in which straight employees were sexually harassed by employees who were not. We have handled virtually every scenario involving delicate issues of sexual abuse and power at work.


If you sue for sexual harassment you may be able to vindicate your workplace abuse. Not taking action will result in later feelings of wishing you had sued for workplace sexual harassment. Suing for sexual harassment may also result in monetary recovery or the damage to the sexual harasser’s career. A sexual harassment lawsuit may also prevent there from being future victims of sexual harassment. Our sexual harassment lawyers take all cases on a contingency. We advance all litigation costs in sexual harassment lawsuits. The primary risk of suing for sexual harassment is on our law firm. Not only do we stand to lose economically if we lose the lawsuit, but we will lose our sense of purpose in passionately vindicating workplace wrongs for sexual harassment while returning dignity to our clients.

We have represented hundreds of employees, throughout California, in sexual harassment lawsuits since 1993. Some of our recent sexual harassment case results include:

  • -> $675,000 for Sexual Harassment of Warehouse Office Workers
  • -> $305,000 for a Pizza Delivery Woman Harassed by the Store Manager
  • -> $270,000 for Sexual Harassment of Deli Clerks
  • -> $225,000 for Customer Sexual Harassment
  • -> $200,000 for Sexual Assault on a Young, Low-Wage Worker
  • -> $160,000 for Sexual Assault by a Third-Party Security Officer

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