lawyer for religious discrimination at work

Religious Discrimination at Work

Christmas and Chanukah are not just holidays for exchanging presents and being merry. These are religious holidays. Employers who refuse to grant religious accomodations are guilty of religious discrimination in employment. If an employee is fired due to a religious obligation the employer is aware of there well might be a case for wrongful termination.

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lawyer for religious discrimination at work

This appears to be a simple case of holiday confusion. Is it St. Patrick's Day or Thanksgiving? This particular problem plagues many these days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Far too many people have been reported wearing sweat shirts with elks, Christmas trees, or some effigy of Santa. Be careful, it is still not even Thanksgiving. If your employer fires you for being too holiday spirited we may or may not be able to help. If it is religiously oriented it would be religious discrimination. If it is your desk is cluttered with trinkets from every holiday and you don't have any work space, it's not for us at the Employment Lawyers, Bakersfield just walking distance from this confused holiday display on California Avenue.

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