Our job lawyers are more likely to get you results in your employment lawsuit than many other employee law firms. Our law firm only represents employees. All employee cases are taken on a contingency. Our law firm is only paid when and if we are able to collect money from your employer. We advance all necessary litigation costs such as the costs of depositions, court filing fees, and mediation fees.

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A few facts about our law firm:

  • Firm head, Karl Gerber, has won 46/48 of the binding arbitrations and trials he first-chaired
  • We have been representing employees far longer than the vast majority of our Competition
  • We have handled more employment lawsuits than just about anybody
  • Our staff lawyers are experienced employment lawyers with tenure at our firm
  • Our law firm has numerous published opinions in the California law reporters
  • We have sued and recovered money from California’s largest employer
  • We have recovered far more than $100,000,000 for California employees
  • We have recovered more for our clients than we believe our competition regularly does
  • We are generally the first employee law firm to challenge new California legal theories
  • Firm head, Karl Gerber, has practiced labor law in most of the 50 states. Competition has not
  • We practice labor law throughout California, and have offices in Bakersfield, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, Oxnard, Riverside, Tustin, San Diego, and San Francisco
  • In California we have obtained monetary recovery in over 1,580 separate employee lawsuits
  • We have represented groups of employees as well as classes of employees in class actions
  • We understand labor law
  • We understand how management works and know what questions to ask them



BREACH OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS – involve written, oral, or implied contracts. Breach of employee contracts involve employees terminated from their employment before the expiration of their employment contracts. Employment contract breaches also involve unpaid bonuses, commissions not properly paid, and stock options.

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EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION LAWSUITS – are brought for age discrimination, disability discrimination, genetic discrimination, gender discrimination (including unequal pay), medical condition discrimination (including cancer and AIDS), military status discrimination, national origin discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, race discrimination, religious discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and veteran status discrimination. Employee discrimination lawsuits also involve violations of the Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Leave Act (CFRA). Workplace discrimination lawsuits may involve the loss of a job, retaliation, or years of discrimination at work. Employment discrimination lawsuits may be brought against all employers including public employers.

EMPLOYEE HARASSMENT LAWSUITS – involve workplace harassment due to a protected characteristic. These are the same characteristics employers cannot discriminate against. Workplace harassment lawsuits include disability harassment, racial harassment (also sometimes known as ancestry harassment, or national origin harassment), pregnancy harassment, and sexual harassment (including verbal sexual harassment and physical sexual harassment).

Workplace harassment under FEHA (an important employment law) must be done by a person of authority, or must continue after a complaint to a person of authority.

Our employee attorneys have handled many sexual harassment and racial harassment cases. We have represented employees from all industries from minimum wage janitorial staff to highly educated executives and professionals. We have won employee harassment lawsuits brought by men, against other men.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT – May be sued for if the harassment was done by a supervisor or manager regardless of whether it stopped after the employee complained. Otherwise, sexual harassment must be ratified by supervisory or managerial employees and/or continue after it was complained about to supervisors or managers. We take sexual harassment cases based merely upon sexually harassing acts regardless of whether the employee has been fired from their job. We also take sexual harassment lawsuits that involve retaliation and job terminations. Tidbit, Firm founder, Karl Gerber was first quoted as an expert in sexual harassment, by the main legal newspaper in California, in approximately 2003.

UNPAID WAGES – Lawsuits for unpaid wages may be brought by one employee or as a group in an employee class action lawsuit. For more information about unpaid wage lawsuits, CLICK HERE Unpaid wages include bonuses, commissions, double time, employees misclassified as non-exempt, improper classifications of employees as independent contractors, late payment of wages, meal breaks, minimum wage violations, no payment for wages especially once the job ends, overtime, paystub errors, prevailing wages, rest breaks, stock options, and any unpaid wage whether it was promised or worked. Unpaid wage lawsuits may involve many different California Labor Code penalties for which employees can recover fines, penalties, and compensatory pay from their employers.

Our labor lawyers accept unpaid wage lawsuits on behalf of individual employees and groups of employees. Group efforts to obtain unpaid wages are called Class Actions, Labor Code Section 2699 representative actions, or mere group filings for unpaid wages.

Unpaid wages also refers to wage loss in the event of the loss of a job due to discrimination or wrongful termination. Our wage lawyers work to recover lost wages in the event of unlawful discrimination, or termination of employment, as well as due to the non-payment of wages for work done for the employer.

WRONGFUL TERMINATION – Occurs when an employee is terminated in an illegal manner. Job terminations that are discriminatory are wrongful termination. Whistleblowers who are fired from their jobs for making whistleblower complaints can sue for wrongful termination. Our wrongful termination law firm has handled a wide variety of different wrongful termination lawsuits. We have also successfully represented many employees who were forced to quit their jobs due to intolerable working conditions.

Many of our wrongful termination lawsuits in California involve unlawful discharges from jobs in aerospace, construction, education, finance, healthcare, the hotel industry, manufacturing, the oil industry, real estate, restaurants, security, and warehouses. Whistle blowing about unsafe worksite practices is serious. Our wrongful termination attorneys have considerable experience litigating California wrongful termination cases.



Employees have rights regardless of whether they are hourly employees or high ranking executives. Because we are committed to representing employees rest assured the success of your employee lawsuit is important to us. Let our years of experience representing employees benefit you.

Consider the following case results:

  • $675,000 for Sexual Harassment in a Warehouse
  • $450,000 for Controlled Standby Pay $305,000 for Sexual Harassment by a National Retail Store Manager
  • $270,000 for Sexual Harassment of Deli Clerks in a Market
  • $225,000 for Customer Sexual Harassment in a Furniture Store
  • $200,000 for Sexual Assault by the 2nd in Command at the Company
  • $165,000 for Race Discrimination at Car Dealership
  • $160,000 for Sexual Assault by a Third-Party Security Officer in a Mall
  • $127,845 Plus Interest for Mental Disability Discrimination & Termination
  • $120,000 for Mis-Classifying a Journalist an Independent Contractor

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