We moved into our present, Southwest Business District/Stockton area office in 2019. Yes, it’s been that long. Although the legal world has almost 100% moved onto Zoom since the pandemic, this is what our Bakersfield office looks like.

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You are looking at the back of Employment Lawyers Group, Bakersfield. This is a good place to park if you have an appointment at our law firm. We are anxiously setting appointments for new clients in this new office of ours right off California Avenue in the Southwest Business District of Bakersfield.

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First floor courtyard at Employment Lawyers Group, Bakersfield. Yesterday was a busy day meeting with two different clients, a vendor, going to Superior Court on Truxtun and Federal Court on 19th Street in downtown. We like to keep busy, and are actively signing up new clients. Being a labor lawyer can be busy. Call now

Looking at the Kern County Hall of Records building from Truxtun Towers. The Truxtun Towers in downtown Bakersfield were our offices for years until we moved onto the other side of the freeway in September of 2019. Now we're proud office condo owners over in the Darth Vader building by the Four Points Hotel. We're eager to help the Bakersfield workers who need a lawyer.

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Going back in time to December 17, 2019, here’s a picture of when chairs were coming to our office. This was pre-model. We expected to tear down everything. We got the permits a week or so before the pandemic hit! Then the legal professional went virtual.

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Here is what we wrote back in 2019. Sorry downtown Bakersfield clients, but we have moved from the Bank of American Building to our own building in the Southwest Business District of Bakersfield on South Business Park. The choice of restaurants on deposition breaks is much better. The parking is excellent. We plan to remodel the unit for optimal client/case needs. Depositions and new client meetings are beginning at our new office next week! Sorry, I've gotta move a temporary conference table and chairs in during the meantime.

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Hopefully one day depositions will be in person again. Some are now happening in person. Arbitrations are still almost exclusively on Zoom. Jury trials are back in court. Mediations are almost exclusively on Zoom. We do believe new client meetings on Zoom can help the process. Clients often have a lot of documents on their phones, computers, or at home they used to forget to bring to in-person meetings. It is also more relaxed and we are not waiting around for clients running late, or clients who do not show up. Quite frankly, we have been much more open to taking some cases due to the ease meeting clients on Zoom. However, you want to go about your lawsuit, we are here for you whether you are in Bakersfield, Delano, Taft, or somewhere else in Kern County of Los Angeles. It is always nice to meet up in person, at least at some point in the litigation.

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  • Unpaid Wages
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Fired Over a Medical Condition
  • LGBT plus Job Discrimination
  • Work Injuries
  • Religious Discrimination at Work

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