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The Employment Lawyers Group has been a great resource for me and my co-workers. They have been very helpful in helping us understand our rights as employees and how to best represent ourselves in cases of wrongful termination. They are always quick to respond to emails and answer any questions we may have. I would highly recommend this firm!
-George Joseph
I was really lucky to have found Employment Lawyers Group, Bakersfield, while I was searching for legal counsel to assist me in understanding a multi-state non-compete agreement. They gave me wonderful advice on how to handle the matter not just from a legal one but also from a common sense, practical, and real-world perspective after reviewing my contract without costing me a charge. Anyone looking for employment legal counsel should definitely contact Employment Lawyers Group, Bakersfield. They are a cut above all the other lawyers out there with their exorbitant fees and bad advice since they have a ton of experience.
-John Miller
They have always been a pleasure to work with and very helpful. When I was in a tight spot, they gave me sound legal counsel and showed me a lot of patience as I made choices about my case. Even when I had to phone them at strange hours because of the nature of my circumstance, the staff was always polite and helpful. Anyone in need of their services should contact Employment Lawyers Group because they will not let you down.
-Aaron Stanley
I would highly recommend Employment Lawyers Group, Bakersfield to anyone who needs a Workers Compensation Lawyer. they are experienced, extremely knowledgable, driven, and knows their trade. they answered all of my (many) questions and addressed all of my concerns in a timely manner, and in a way that I could easily understand so that my mind was at ease and so that I felt comfortable at every step during the case. My case was unique, and while there were a few bumps while we sorted out what was and wasn't medically necessary for me, for the most part everything went smoothly. I could not have been happier with my choice of lawyer, my settlement and my case results! Do not hesitate to contact them.
-Christopher Jeff
Employment Lawyer's Group is a top-notch Law firm. They have helped me with my harassment case and they did an amazing job! They were very professional and respectful of my time, which I appreciated. They were also very quick to respond to any questions I had. I highly recommend them if you're looking for a good employment lawyer, they're the best!
-Alro James
Extremely satisfied with the service they have provided me. I am a single parent, and my son was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The Employment Lawyers Group helped me by providing me with representation in my case proceedings. This was very important to me because I had never been through anything like that before. My attorney at the Employment Lawyers Group was very informative and helpful in dealing with all the legal aspects of my case. It is clear that this firm values the client relationship above all else, which is why I will continue to use their services for any future legal issues that may arise.
-Patrick Ellis
A great company! I was looking for a lawyer, and I was looking for someone that could help me with Employment lawsuit. My lawyer was very helpful and they were willing to take my case even if it wasn't the most profitable. They took the time to explain things to me and made sure I understood everything before moving forward with the case. The process was very smooth and easy from start to finish. I would highly recommend this firm!
-Ember Wilson
I am dealing with a very stressful work-related issue and just started working with Employment Lawyers Group, Bakersfield. their free consultation was extremely helpful and started me on the right path toward a speedy and low-drama solution to the problem. they are approachable, accessible and to the point. Even though it may take a little time to sort this out, I feel like I've found the right place to work with.
-Eduardo Cooper
I would recommend Employment Lawyers Group to anyone who is being harassed or who has been wrongfully terminated. I was amazed by the level of service they provided me and my family. I've been a victim of harassment and wrongful termination, and Employment Lawyers Group helped me through every step of the process. They walked with me through every stage, from filing my case with the courts to going through mediation to receiving my settlement. They were always available to answer questions or make sure that I was taken care of throughout the process.
-Boketonou Edmond
They were able to help me get the overtime pay I was owed by my employer. The team at Employment Lawyers Group, Bakersfield is always on the ball and ready to help in any way possible. The firm has great communication with clients and are always available via email or phone call. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who has been wronged by their employer.
-Shawna Ramey
I called many attorneys and lawyers and not many were willing to take my case. It wouldn't have been difficult to take my case as I had made sure I kept paper trail as I always have for my own sake if anything ever happened. I am so glad I did because Employment Lawyers Group, Bakersfield was able to take my case when no one else would and they understood my frustration and they were more than willing to help. I am extremely appreciative of their team. they are very knowledgeable, they spent lots time and hours on my case and with the hard work they put into my case, the case was finally settled.
-Cody Jimenez
I was a little worried about hiring a lawyer, but the employment lawyers at Employment Lawyers Group were wonderful. They helped me to understand my options and make the right decision for me. I don't feel that I am without a job because of my disability, and I feel confident that they will get me back on track if something like this happens again.
-Laurie Yanders

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