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This concessionary is in back of my our old Bakersfield office on Truxtun.

This concessionary is in back of my Bakersfield office. It is in the arcade of the Haberfield Building on Chester. I always bring back fudge and other goodies for the kids. I am restricted to turkey or tuna at the next booth.

Yesterday was an interesting day on a sexual harassment case. Witnesses corroborated the sexual harassment occurred, was complained about, and my client was embarrassed to mention it. Higher level managements contradicted their statements to investigators, and the lower level management who told them.

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Old Bakersfield while on a Sexual Harassment lawsuit

I love the palm on top of the, "Liquors" sign. Old Bakersfield in the downtown area is very interesting.
Today I deposed three witnesses on a sexual harassment case. My client worked in the business office of an oil company. Some seriously odd credibility stuff with these witnesses. Even more kooky than the palm on the liquors sign!

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Our Kern County sexual harassment case results include $672,500 for sexually harassed restaurant workers

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