Tired of being owed wages for missed meal breaks, rest breaks, overtime, commissions, or bonuses? We'e always open. Even on many holidays and we are taking new wage and hour cases. Give us a call before your statutes of limitation start to expire. We file wage and hour cases right away.

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Not getting your meal or rest breaks? Is it time for sue for those damages? We represent individual employees, groups of employees, classes of employees in class actions, and PAGA groups when there are meal and rest break violations. We are taking cases for loss of employment, unpaid wages, work injuries, and non- consented to harassment. We just resolved a class action for wages and a large PAGA action for Labor Code penalties. Please contact us if you think you are owed money from your employer.

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This stuff adds up. Besides pay for the missed meal breaks, or meal and rest break penalties at your normal hourly rate, there is interest and other penalties. If you earn commissions or fixed rate bonuses, that pay has to be included in the amount paid for meal and rest break penalties. If your company had you clocked out during meal breaks and you continued to work, you might be owed overtime because you worked 8 or more hours during the day.

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If you are owed overtime, standby pay, worked through meal or rest breaks, did a prevailing wage job and received your regular wage we want to hear from you. We handle all employee wage disputes as well as lawsuits involving job terminations, illegal harassment. #wagelawyers #localwagetheftattorney

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Did you work in a restaurant like this? We get a lot of calls from employees from restaurants that are not paying them. We are glad to help if you think it is possible to collect the money from the employer. Unfortunately, the type of restaurant that pays late, steal tips, do not pay all wages, takes tips might look like this and not have any money when you sue them. This is true of a lot of the bad employers out there. This is one of the reasons why we focus on suing larger employers. At the end of the day we can collect, and remember we are only paid when and if we collect money from the employer

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