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Groundbreaking employee employment lawyer Karl Gerber has exclusively practiced employment law for twenty-one years. The results: more than $100,000,000 collected for California employees, 46 won first-chair binding arbitrations and trials, many published appeals, and 1,775 non-class action clients whose lives were changed through Mr. Gerber's legal representation.

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With the help of Mr. Gerber's legal efforts and editorial content, during the early to mid-1990s, the phrase, "Employment Law" became the label for describing this practice area.

Employment law refers to a body of law created from California cases and statutes. The practice area encompasses legal actions employees can bring in civil court, usually state court, against their employers. These cases are usually brought in state court because California employment laws are generally more favorable than Federal Employment Laws and so are California courts.

Employment law issues include:

BREACH OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS - written, oral, or implied. Typical breach of employment contracts involve employees terminated from their jobs before the expiration of their employment contracts which contain terms about how long the employee is supposed to remain employed for. Employment contract breaches also involve bonuses and commissions not properly paid, or grants of stock options.

EMPLOYEE DISCRIMINATION LAWSUITS - For age discrimination, disability discrimination, genetic discrimination, gender discrimination (including unequal pay), military status discrimination, national origin discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, race discrimination, religious discrimination, and sexual orientation discrimination, and veteran status discrimination. Employee discrimination lawsuits also include violations of the Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Leave Act (CFRA). Workplace discrimination lawsuits may involve the loss of a job, retaliation, or years of discrimination at work.

HARASSMENT LAWSUITS - Involve workplace harassment due to a protected characteristic. These are the same characteristics employers cannot discriminate against employees. Workplace harassment lawsuits include racial harassment, pregnancy harassment, and sexual harassment. Harassment must be done by a person of authority, or must continue after a complaint to a person of authority. The law is different for general employment harassment which falls into the category of workers compensation. Our Kern County labor lawyers have handled many sexual harassment and racial harassment cases involving oil industry workers. Some of these employee harassment matters have been brought by men, against other men.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT - May be sued for if the harassment was done by a supervisor or manager regardless of whether it stopped after the employee complained. There are straight sexual harassment cases only involving legal violations for the sexually harassing acts, and there are sexual harassment lawsuits that involve other legal violations. If sexual harassment led to an employment termination the lawsuit will include a legal theory for wrongful termination. Other sexual harassment lawsuits only involve retaliation, but not termination of employment. Karl Gerber was first quoted as an expert in sexual harassment, by the main legal newspaper in California, more than 10 years ago.

UNPAID WAGES - Lawsuits for unpaid wages may be brought individually or as a group in a class action. For more complete descriptions of unpaid wage lawsuits, CLICK HERE

Unpaid wages include commissions, double time, employees misclassified as exempt and not entitled to wage and hour benefits, late payment of wages, meal breaks, minimum wage, overtime, paystub errors, prevailing wages, rest breaks, stock options, and any unpaid wages whether it was promised or worked. Unpaid wage lawsuits many different Labor Code penalties. Our labor lawyers handle unpaid wage lawsuits on behalf of individual employees and groups of employees. Group efforts to obtain unpaid wages are called class actions, Labor Code Section 2699 representative actions, and mere group filings for unpaid wages.

WRONGFUL TERMINATION - Occurs when an employee is terminated in an unlawful manner. Job terminations that are discriminatory are wrongful termination. Whistleblowers who are fired from their jobs for making their whistleblower complaints can sue for wrongful termination. Our wrongful termination lawyers have handled a wide variety of different wrongful termination lawsuits. We have also successfully represented many employees who were forced to quit their jobs due to intolerable job circumstances.

Many of our wrongful termination lawsuits in Kern County involve wrongful terminations from jobs in the oil industry. Whistle blowing about unsafe worksite practices is serious. Our wrongful termination lawyers have considerable experience litigating lawsuits against the oil industry employers in Kern County.

There are a few additional things you should know about our employment law firm. We only represent employees. All of our employee lawsuits are taken on a contingency which means we are only paid when and if we collect money from the employer. All of our staff lawyers are experienced employment attorneys who have worked for Mr. Gerber for years.

Although we have a headquarter office in Los Angeles County, we have an office condo in the Southwest Office Market of Bakersfield off California on the Westside of the 99. Although we regularly handle Bakersfield cases, we do not have special (unethical) relationships with any of the Bakersfield employment defense lawyers we oppose. This is often a concern of clients. However, many of the Bakersfield employment defense lawyers know we are serious about our cases and do arbitrate or try them if an inadequate settlement is offered. Through our commitment to Bakersfield we have developed a sincere understanding of its geography. Whether you are in Seven Oaks or East Bakersfield we will do a smash job representing you. Our clients range from minimum wage earners to hourly workers earning excessive overtime to mid-level managers and executives.

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